Everybody Starts Somewhere…

While thinking about this post before sitting down to write it, I wondered where to start. So I decided to start with my high school days and progress to present day!

I’m originally from Irving, TX (The city in between DFW and Dallas) and went to Jack E. Singley Academy for high school. What is neat about “The Academy” (as it is known in Irving) is that it has special programs for students to specialize in such as law, technology, medical and arts. For me, I specialized in a program called Advanced Technology. In four years at “The Academy” outside of my core classes that were required, I took classes in web design, computer science, electronics, and computer animation/gaming. Although I’m not majoring in any of the topics studied in high school, I left there knowing how things in the digital world worked.

After graduating high school, I knew that I wanted to work in the digital space in my future, but didn’t know what to major in during college. So I decided to take a year off from school and work full-time and save money.

When that year break came to an end, I found myself living in Austin, TX with my three good friends from high school. Although I still didn’t really know what I wanted to major in, I knew I had to start somewhere. In two years in Austin, I finished my basic education requirements at Austin Community College, became involved at Hyde Park Baptist Church, and made some pretty awesome friends that changed my life.

Now we arrive at present day! I’m attending the University of Texas at Dallas and majoring in Emerging Media and Communication. I’m majoring in this field because I’m very interested in how to connect with people using online tools and how to better build these relationships that are established using these online tools that are present in our lives everyday. I believe that the direction society and culture is moving that being able to connect with someone in a digital manner could be essential to building a better relationship online as well as offline.

Moving on into the future, I see myself pursuing one of two options. One being graduating with my undergrad and entering the workforce immediately(or as soon as someone will hire me). Option two is pursuing a Master’s degree in EMAC or a related field of study and continuing to study and researching my interest of building relationships digitally.

I guess I should have included something about myself or what my hobbies are, but that is what the About me section is for and I will update it soon!


About Kyle Judkins

Student at the University of Texas at Dallas blogging about Social Media, Social Platforms, Technology, and my own thoughts on all of the above. Find out more about me and my interest at www.itxkyle.com
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2 Responses to Everybody Starts Somewhere…

  1. Kknight says:

    I enjoyed reading about how you became an EMAC major! In addition to being interesting, the post is well-written.

    Are there any tools or applications that you find do a better job than others in terms of establishing relationships?

  2. kylej says:

    A tool like Facebook is better because it allows someone to share more information and gives better avenues for connecting, rather than tools that are only one way streets in terms of communication (i.e. Twitter, YouTube..) Just as an idea, Skype would be a tool used in a second level after you already make an initial connection. Although internet tools could possibly aid in the process of establishing relationships, old fashioned face to face communication and sharing will always be the main factor in developing a relationship to its full potential in my opinion.

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