“iPadification of the web” – Is it upon us?

Yesterday, Christina Warren published a story on Mashable about the “iPadification of the web” (quote from the article). She writes about how websites are changing the way developers design websites to feel more like iPad Apps. Although I agree with Christina that this “phenomenon” is happening, her article seems to be biased and does not show very good examples.

Story on Mashable!!!

The article gives three example websites that have “transformed” to the iPad design style. The examples are Me.com, Apple’s web app for its Mobile Me service. The next example is the Twitter, and the design change that Twitter.com is currently undergoing. Lastly, she shows the New York Times website compared to its current iPad app.

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The reason I find these examples inadequate is because they are either Apple branded sites, or organizations that are known to work closely with Apple on apps and mobile development. These company’s are known to be on the cutting edge of Apple technology and are always the first to have Apple ready sites. Of course Apple is going to design its own apps to be complaint with their products, and company’s that work closely will always want to satisfy Apple’s demands so that the company will keep them in close arms.

Although I agree that the web is taking a shift toward sites that are mobile compliant and have the Web 2.0 look and feel, I don’t believe this is the result of one product. The ability to create Web 2.0 applications and websites on the web and offer them over broadband to more and more users everyday is what is creating this shift. Also the technology that’s found on the web, is now being shifted over to the mobile devices such as HTML 5 on the iOS system.

It will be a while until we see the majority of websites that operate and have this look and feel to them. The majority of the web is still not up to speed with Web 2.0 and until that shift occurs, the web will still be viewed from a computer browser mainly. Also, until tablets like the iPad, as well as the iPad, gain more market share and penetrate the laptop market more, companies will not focus on tablet development of websites and apps as their main focus. They will sick to creating sites and apps for the PC.

Being an iPad owner, I hope the “iPadification of the web” occurs. As Steve Jobs said at the iPad unveiling, “It’s like holding the web in your hand.” Like I said before, until tablets gain enough market share and development is targeted at the tablet market more than the PC market, my opinion is that the iPad is like “holding a nice window that looks out onto the web and surf’s it with cool hand gestures.”


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4 Responses to “iPadification of the web” – Is it upon us?

  1. Barbara Vance says:

    This is a great post. My only recommendation is to make your links part of the writing, rather than having an external “read link here” kind of thing. Nice job.

  2. Nancy says:

    To have better idea about the same just click on the link given hereby at Web Design Development

  3. emilia says:

    in one way or another a person tends to be bias and i agree that the examples are irrelevant to her argument since they are connected to apple one way or another. great job.
    God BLess (:

  4. Steve says:

    Now that Google has released its Chrome web app store, it’s more than just an Apple thing. Look at the NYT via its Chrome app — very similar to iPad app, but usable on any device running Chrome browser (or Chrome OS, presumably).

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