40 Minutes Without Connection

When assigned the task of reading for forty minutes uninterrupted, I didn’t really believe that it was a big deal. I often read for much longer than that but with distractions. I always have my phone or laptop near me to check Twitter and Facebook.

So I didn’t really think much of this when I started. The reading was not very eventful. But what happened after the reading was. I had been away from Internet and social networks for roughly an hour and the strange thing was I didn’t really have an urge to go back to the social world on the internet. I then tried to accomplish some homework and other tasks while I wasn’t being drawn back to the internet.

As soon as I started in on the homework, without even knowing what I was doing, within five minutes, I was on Facebook. I didn’t have the intention or want, I was just browsing the Internet for the homework assignment, and Facebook used it’s “gravity” and pulled me in.

It’s amazing how I didn’t even think about going to Facebook, it just happened. After Facebook, also without thinking, I was on Twitter. I was scanning through my feed and started to fall away from homework to just wasteful time on the Internet. The ability to just find things in my Twitter feed that I wouldn’t normally find on the Internet fascinates me.

Not being connected wasn’t a problem, I didn’t even realize it, but as soon as I was able to be connected, my web browser somehow ended up on the social web.

The next class assignment is one week without Facebook, I know I won’t be able to stay away from Facebook my self because it is on every device I own, so I will have a friend change my password so that I stay away from Facebook.

Note – never write a blog post on an iPad, it’s a horrible experience!


About Kyle Judkins

Student at the University of Texas at Dallas blogging about Social Media, Social Platforms, Technology, and my own thoughts on all of the above. Find out more about me and my interest at www.itxkyle.com
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