Trans-Media Plans for The Nature Conservancy

Our plans for Trans-Media uses for The Nature Conservancy from class is as follows:

Photos – Before and After photos about restoration, clean up, sustainability.

  • Before and After photos can demonstrate the work and effort of the Conservancy group. Showing that their efforts are actually impacting the places their working instead of words just describing the work. Visual imagery impacts people more than words.

Video – Spotlight different campaigns that a single photo or map couldn’t sustain.

  • Video’s create an emotional attachment through sound, sight, and a complete emotional draw. The combination of words, images and sounds creates pictures and scene unlike any other media type can create.

Maps – Locations of work, map wildlife corridors, and weather patterns

  • Maps physically show the location of impacted area. Words can tell and describe a location, but maps give a real world connection to the viewer. When somebody reads about a problem, the physical location doesn’t create an image in their mind. By showing how close it is to them, or people they care about, a larger impact could be made on them.

Website – Interactive to show ways and locations for a user to get involved with the program.

  • By drawing all of the above together, the website can provide a platform where everything comes together. By putting all of this content on a single place, people can see everything easily and efficiently. A website also incorporates forms of feedback and interaction for the viewer. Hosting all of these media types from above, then creating feedback and interaction forums, the dynamic between the Conservancy and other supporters is endless. 

About Kyle Judkins

Student at the University of Texas at Dallas blogging about Social Media, Social Platforms, Technology, and my own thoughts on all of the above. Find out more about me and my interest at
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