Pencil Vs. Camera by Ben Heine (Review)

(Flickr prevents me from including the photo’s on this blog post, to see the full collection vist Ben Heine’s Flickr site from the link on the bottom of the page)

Ben Heine’s Pencil vs. Camera art collection is unlike any other piece of art I’ve seen. When I see photography, I don’t immeditely think art, but it reality photography is just a form of art. The way Heine includes drawings over photographs makes the images scream art. Each image is innovative, interesting, unique and overall a masterpiece of the digital form in art.

While I’m still in debate whether or not these are photoshoped or actual demonstrations, this does not take away from the creativeness and quality of the collection. The use of hand drawn paper over a photograph doesn’t seem like a innovative idea, but the way Heine creates this work makes the collection pop. The uniqueness of each image and the quality of each drawing is at the top of the charts.

Most pictures are accompanied with a poem that adds to the work as well. Also each image has a tag box that provides poems or relevant information that adds to the work and informs the viewer about the piece.

My favorite image is number 12, the image with the two donkeys with sunglasses and wild faces. This image draws me into it for some reason. Donkeys are fun animals that often show some type of emotion when around people. The addition of faces to these donkeys as a brilliant device to add personality and charm to these visually simple animals.

Another favorite image of mine is number 4. The image is quite and alone, but the quality of the work and how the lines match up are magnificent. This image seems almost real life just without color.

Image 26, I believe, makes the collection whole. The image flips the collection by putting an image over a drawing. This great piece that seemingly makes the collection pop and brings a lot to the collection as a whole.

Overall, this collection bridges the analog and digital in an amazing way. It forms new and old forms of media in an almost seamless and natural way. Bravo to Ben Heine for creating such a magnificent collection.

To find the full collection of this art collection by Ben Heine, visit here.

To find more information about Ben visit his website here.


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4 Responses to Pencil Vs. Camera by Ben Heine (Review)

  1. iounodda says:

    thats some pretty neat stuff. thanks for turning me on to it.

  2. emilia says:

    awww cool. I really like it. It is so artistic and weird. I really like the contrast betweent he real(picture part) scenery and the pecil part of it.

    God Bless(:

  3. kknight says:

    Good find! I too am finding Heine’s images really compelling. My favorites are the ones that have a touch of whimsy to them, like #38.

    It was fun to read about why you found certain images interesting, but I also would have liked to have seen a bit more analysis from you. What specifically makes the collection “a masterpiece of the digital form in art”? What do you make of the addition of the poems to the images. Are they part of the images? In what way do the three forms work together? And so on…

  4. Austen Covin says:

    These are really cool. Just by adding the hand drawings, he is changing the entire feeling of the photograph. One could say these are examples of analog augmented reality.

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