Did Apple Do It Again?

Wednesday September 1st, 2010, the day Apple yet again revolutionized another market.

If you didn’t know already, Apple released its latest revolutionary product. Ping! You may ask what Ping is, and its simple. Ping is a social network centered around music that is hosted in the company’s iTunes music player. As well as being on iTunes on the computer, Apple will incorporate Ping into its multitude of iOS devices. The question is however, will we be saying the above statement in the next couple of years? Or will we ever?

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Everybody Starts Somewhere…

While thinking about this post before sitting down to write it, I wondered where to start. So I decided to start with my high school days and progress to present day!

I’m originally from Irving, TX (The city in between DFW and Dallas) and went to Jack E. Singley Academy for high school. What is neat about “The Academy” (as it is known in Irving) is that it has special programs for students to specialize in such as law, technology, medical and arts. For me, I specialized in a program called Advanced Technology. In four years at “The Academy” outside of my core classes that were required, I took classes in web design, computer science, electronics, and computer animation/gaming. Although I’m not majoring in any of the topics studied in high school, I left there knowing how things in the digital world worked.

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