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The “New” Government

When President Obama was elected into office, one of the main points of his campaign was to create a more open government. Obama wanted to open up to the public so that the American people had access and an open … Continue reading

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“iPadification of the web” – Is it upon us?

Yesterday, Christina Warren published a story on Mashable about the “iPadification of the web” (quote from the article). She writes about how websites are changing the way developers design websites to feel more like iPad Apps. Although I agree with … Continue reading

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The World of Wikipedia

Sometimes when I’m working on a project, I wonder to my self, “Where would I start if it wasn’t for Wikipedia.” Wikipedia is a great tool and makes my life as well as many others lives easier. But how has … Continue reading

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Active Participation for Television

ABC recently announced a new app for the iPad. Its called My Generation Sync. In a nutshell, this app syncs to the show that’s playing on the television and as the show is going on, the app will pop up … Continue reading

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Game Center, Apple’s Other Social Network

Not long ago Steve Jobs stood on a stage at Apple headquarters and announced Ping!. Many claim it is Apple’s first real dive into the social networking scene. But even before that, Jobs spoke at an Apple Special Event just … Continue reading

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Everybody Starts Somewhere…

While thinking about this post before sitting down to write it, I wondered where to start. So I decided to start with my high school days and progress to present day! I’m originally from Irving, TX (The city in between DFW and … Continue reading

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